Python PackageΒΆ

OctaDist is a Python package and can be directly implemented into other applications. For example, that OctaDist is a package may be useful for interactive python script.

  1. Check if your system has all dependencies for OctaDist:

  2. Download the source code (*.tar.gz) to your machine, for example, at Download directory:

  3. Uncompress the tarball, using tar:

    tar -xzvf OctaDist-*-src-x86-64.tar.gz
  4. Move to OctaDist root directory, using cd:

    cd OctaDist-*-src-x86-64
  5. Execute program like a package (you have to stay outside octadist directory):

    python -m octadist

    or command-line:

    python -m octadist_cli


The PyPI channel of OctaDist is at


PIP-compressed zip files of OctaDist are also available at

If you experience any problems while installing OctaDist from the source code, please do not hesitate to post your question at