Build the tarball, wheel, and eggΒΆ

  • .tar.gz : the tarball (supported by PIP)
  • .whl : wheel file (supported by PIP)
  • .egg : cross-platform zip file (supported by easy_install)
  1. Build source code:

    python sdist bdist_wheel bdist_egg
  2. Install OctaDist:

    python install


    pip install dist/*.tar.gz
  3. Run test zip files:

    python test
  4. Installed library of OctaDist will be install at build/lib/octadist directory.

  5. Standalone executable (binary) file will be automatically added to environment variables, you can start OctaDist by calling its names anywhere:

    • To start graphical-interface:

    • To start command-line:



More details on Python package can be found its official website: